About the lab

In the Kodama Laboratory (Life Innovation Design Laboratory), we conduct research on the management methodology that connects life science technology and business from both practical and theoretical perspectives. Research subjects include pharmaceuticals and medical device development, medical care, healthcare, and medical policy. By taking advantage of the experience involved in the development of startups (venture companies), as well as management theoretical research on innovation systems that promote the creation of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and functional foods. We also conduct practical research to develop efficient pharmaceutical products by simulation using large-scale computers and create new businesses by ourselves.




For future students
We are currently recruiting new students for Masters Degree and Doctoral Degree programs at the Graduate School of Technology Management, Ritsumeikan University. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


For companies
We provide different types of consultation to help you overcome the challenges that you face in your activities. Also, we welcome any consultation regarding joint research activities. Kindly feel free to contact us for further discussion.